T-Infinity 2023

On Saturday, 13 May 2023, the first Edition of “T-Infinity” will take place—a HEMA tournament organised by the Foundation for Historical Martial Arts.

“T-Infinity” is a Historical European Martial Arts tournament that aims to give fencers the opportunity not only to check their skills but also to test new and unprecedented conventions within the HEMA community.

During this year’s edition, the following events will take place: beginner longsword fights as part of the second edition of “First Tournament”, women’s longsword tournament – “Women Unlimited”, the tournament of “Sword and Shield in the representation of the Scandinavian Hólmgang”, rapier tournament, as well as “Harnischfechten” (combat in armour) tournament, allowing for the use of half-sword techniques.

The organiser of the event is the Foundation for Historical Martial Arts.

On 13 May 2023, we invite you all to OSiR Targówek, ul. Ossowskiego 25, 03-542 Warszawa. All current information is available on the event’s profile.

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