Destreza in Prague with Alberto Bomprezzi 2022

Destreza in Prague with Alberto Bomprezzi, a two-day workshop on the Spanish rapier, will take place in Prague on 21–22 May 2022.

La Verdadera Destreza is a universal method of fighting applicable to all weapons. In practice, it is dedicated mainly to the rapier or the rapier combined with a defensive weapon (e.g. a parrying dagger). It is based on the works of master Jerónimo Sánchez de Carranza and master Luis Pacheco de Narváez.

These two-day workshops will focus on theoretical and practical aspects of the Spanish rapier. The programme of the event includes lecture on philosophy and theory of Destreza, encompassing aspects such as geometry, definition of space, and measurements. Participants will also find a block dedicated to footwork, cuts, thrusts, control of the central line (i.e. working on an extended arm and at the right angle), as well as binding, actions on the blade, and disarming.

Tha main instructor will be Maestro Alberto Bomprezzi from Spain, who is the director of Escuela de Esgrima Histórica de Madrid (School of Historical Fencing in Madrid) and the general coordinator of Asociación Española de Esgrima Antigua (Spanish Association for Historical Fencing).

Saturday will end with a mutual dinner, Sunday, however, will culminate with a Destreza tournament. The whole event will take place at a gym located at Náměstí Svobody 930/3, Prague.

Protective gear (mask, jacket, gloves) and a rapier with a blunted tip are required to participate.

More information is available on the event’s website.

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