New issue of Acta Periodica Duellatorum (6/2)

The new issue of Acta Periodica Duellatorum, an academic journal devoted to the publication of research on DESW, has appeared. In this issue a lot about sabers and duels.
We invite you to read!


Julien Garry, Nineteenth Century French Military Sabre: Sport, Duel and War Fencing;
Bert Gevaert, Pour l’honneur? Duelling in the army of Napoleon;
Alex Kiermayer, The evolution of German Cut Fencing in the 19th century viewed through the works of Friedrich August Wilhelm Ludwig Roux;
Mathijs Roelofsen, Dimitri Zufferey, Sweat and Blood: Swordsmanship and sabre in Fribourg;
Ruslan Urazbakhtin, Shashka in late XIX – XX c.: Outline of Russian Combat Techniques;
Manuel Valle Ortiz, The Sabre in Spain through Fencing Treatises;
Georges Zacharopoulos, The sabre in 19th century Greece;
Matyas Miskolczi, Technical elements in Hungarian sabre fencing manuals;


Daniel Jaquet, recenzja:To arms! Sabre Fencing as Polish National Heritage Exhibition at the Jagiellonian University Museum (Aug-Nov 2018);

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