New publication: Ringer Kunst – translation of a 16th century treatise

The new publication Ringer Kunst. Art of Wrestling published by “Warriors” publishing house has already hit the shelves. It is a must-have for those all interested in historical wrestling.

In the last few days, Ringer Kunst. Art of Wrestling appeared on the market. Published by “Warriors” publishing house, it is a translation of a treatise titled Ringer kunst: funf und Achtzig Stücke (“The Art of Wrestling: Eighty-Five Devices”) by Fabian von Auerswald, printed in 1539.

It is one of the first known printed treatises on wrestling. The techniques presented in it take the form of schematic illustrations accompanied by short descriptions. It was dedicated to Johann Friedrich, the Kurfürst of Saxony.

The original text was translated from Early New High German into three languages: Polish, Russian, and English. The publication has the form of facsimiles of the original treatise interlaced with pages of the translation.

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