Our foundation prepared fight choreography for the “Worochta” theatre play

Once more the Foundation for Historical Martial Arts created fight choreography for the “Yorric” student theatre. This time for a play titled “Worochta”.

We are pleased to inform you that the “Worochta” play premiered on the 22nd of January 2022. The events of the play took place during the 30thies of the XX century in the eastern borderlands of the Second Polish Republic. In that picturesque hutsulish countryside spectators witnessed an intrigue full of murder, spycraft, and action. The play was prepared by “Yorric” student theatre attached to the st. Thomas Aquinas school in Józefów.

Once more our foundation supported the theatre’s initiative by creating the fight choreography, this time for a final duel between a Polish nobleman and a Soviet spy. Jędrzej Jakubowski choreographed and trained the young actors according to the basics of saber fencing presented in “The Art of Defence on Foot” by Charles Roworth.

Despite the pandemic, the play was staged in front of the audience. There were so many spectators, that the substantial interest resulted in no empty seats left!

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