SERFO 2022

From 10 to 12 June 2022, Serfo 2022 will take place, organised by Atlanta Historical Fencing Academy.

During the three days of Serfo 2022, fencers will compete in longsword, rapier, as well as sword and buckler. Also, sabre tournament will experimentally be included this year. Since this form will be new not only to the participants but also to the organisers, the number of places has been limited and the competition has been addressed to fencers with more experience. The event will also host a women’s longsword tournament.

The organisers have additionally prepared some workshops. Kristine Konsmo will conduct two workshops and a lecture on sword and buckler. Her experience with HEMA began in 2009 and two years later, in 2011, she came first in an open sword and buckler tournament at Swordfish.

Charles Dobbs will conduct sabre workshops. His journey with HEMA started in 2002. He specialises in sword and sabre from the 19th century Italy.

You can register here. All information is available on Serfo 2022 website.

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