Blood on the River 2022

On 2–4 September 2022, Blood on the River 2022 will take place in Pittsburgh.

On Friday, Broken Plow Western Martial Arts invites to an informal introductory meeting that will take place at the school’s premises. On that day, attendees will have the chance to use the archery range and take part in sparring sessions. In the evening, a party with an option of an overnight stay will take place.

On Saturday, a longsword tournament will take place together with demonstrational longsword cage combats! The organisers encourage all the courageous participants to take part both in the tournament and demonstrational combats. The demonstrational combats are regular fights but in front of a larger audience. After the evening dinner at a local restaurant, a party will take place at the school’s premises.

On Sunday, the organisers will conduct workshops and a mixed-weapon tournament. In the evening, yet another party will be held, this time combined with a BBQ.

Participants can put up a tent at the school’s premises and stay overnight for free. The site is large so there will be plenty of room for all. Everyone is welcome to stay until Monday!

All information, regulations, and tickets can be found on the event’s profile.

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