SabreSlash 2022

On 1–2 October 2022, SabreSlash 2022 will take place in Prague.

SabreSlash is a yearly event aiming to promote sabre fighting in different historical forms. The organisers proudly declare that they are open towards participants of all styles and skill levels.

The host is Barbasetti Military Sabre, which was founded in 1895, and Ars Dimicatoria.

The schedule of the event is filled to the brim with interesting workshops! One of the attractions includes “Zabłocki Sabre 2022” tournament. Casual sparring sessions are also planned. The participants can also expect a cutting workshop where light sabres are to appear. To mix in some relaxation, the owner of the best Ferdinand Masiello facial hair style will be selected.

The workshops will be conducted by Patrick Bratton from USA (“Actions on the blade in Radaellian sabre”), Leonardo Britto Germoglio from Germany (“Akademische Fechten”), Leonid Křížek from the Czech Republic (“Molinelli in Barbasetti sabre”), and Michael Kňažko, also from the Czech Republic (“Sciabola in Mano, controlled and conserved strength for cuts and thrusts”).

The whole event will take place in a sports hall at Emy Destinnové school located at Svobody 930/3, 160 00 Prague 6 Bubeneč 160 00.

The current information, plan of the event, and registration are available on the event’s website.

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