Springeck 2022

On Saturday of 21 May, 2022, Springeck 2022 will take place. The event is organised by New Jersey Historical Fencing Association.

Springeck 2022 will take place in New Jersey at the end of May—an event whose aim is to create a space for exchange of experience between HEMA practitioners. The organisers assure that Springeck centres around the exchange of experience, including new ideas, notions, and interpretations.

This year, the organisers have announced the following attractions:

1. Open free play with steel and synthetic weapons (longsword, mixed weapons, rapier, dagger, sword and buckler, and other);
2. Various sessions aiming at exchange of experience;
3. Challenge matches. New attraction—competitors will take part in a formalised duel of seven bouts. The winner will receive a medal!;
4. Prize play based on a 16th century English Sloane MS 2530 treatise.

All information is available on the organiser’s website.

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