Donnybrook Tournament 2022

At the weekend of 18-19 June, 2022, yearly Donnybrook tournament will take place in North Kansas City, organised by Heartland HEMA.

On 18-19 June 2022, Heartland HEMA invites to North Kansas City for another edition of Donnybrook Tournament.

Participants will compete in categories such as singlestick, rapier with an optional parrying dagger or buckler, longsword, smallsword, Harnisfechten, and cutting. The organisers have also announced two novelties: a tournament for the so called “old guard”, i.e. fencers aged 45+, and “stout sword” category, i.e. a category including heavy sabres, katanas, broadswords, etc.

Apart from tournament victory, the organisers have prepared additional awards: “Iron Man” for the best fencer, “Hand Sniper” for the most successful attacks below the elbow, “Scholar” for the best technique, and “Iron Club” for the best club.

Detailed information is available on the event’s profile.

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